About WEEC

Women Empowerment and Enlightenment Campaign (WEEC) a product of On’y va Concepts Ltd, is a paradigm shift from the conventional vehicles and modes employed by policy makers, scholars and international aid agencies to tackling issues of gender inequality, poverty and issues surrounding and affecting women, with a worldwide view and concern, and most importantly proffering solutions to local problems.

The core of WEEC which makes it transcend conventional thinking and approaches, lies in its primary focus on young women. Several interventions by multilateral agencies, national millennium development goals projects have recently and lately addressed women empowerment by focusing on housewives and much older women, neglecting the young; the engine for future growth of the society and upon whom lies the responsibility to maintain the fundamental unit of society which is the family. It becomes imperative for us to look through this angle to decide what the future would hold if we fail to address this issue and what good lies ahead if young women are cultivated and empowered to face the challenges of the future in terms of education, enterprise, values, political representation, media construction and stereotyping, roles in management functions in private firms and adequate windows to contribute to overall economic development of our country.

Without losing track of the historical antecedence of women empowerment and the role of older women, it’s important to stress that WEEC is not calling for an obliteration of programmes designed to empower them but for stakeholders to complement their efforts by supporting endeavours geared towards young women, who would take over from their mothers. This is the charge WEEC would pursue through different vehicles. WEEC would employ strategic alternatives and resources to tackle the perennial problems which hinder human development in Nigeria. These problems include poverty, gender inequality, infant mortality, environmental sustainability etc. These issues take a huge toll on women especially in rural areas where many of them belong to discrete farming populations.


  • Primary target : women (15-25years)
  • Secondary target are outside this bracket which includes and not restricted to women (7- 14 years, 26     45 years and 46 – 60 years
  • Rural women (special category)


  • To promote icons of all successful women who have weathered the storm and shown impressive quality of survival in different spheres of life.
  • To build a society of young ladies with the courage and qualities to confidently compete or compliment, as the case maybe, the works and activities of their male counterparts. (Gender equality).
  • To bridge the gap between the rural and urban women.