Mrs Folorunso Alakija CallS For Humanity To Support The Empower Borno Project

Mrs. Folorunso Alakija, Africa's Richest Black woman speaks on the Empower Borno project, and encourages us all to support this cause for Humanity, you can watch the touching video above.

The people of Borno State bears the brunt of the Boko Haram insurgency in the North East region of Nigeria. Up to 2 million people have been displaced from their homes as a result of the insurgency, most live in IDP camps, not a place to call home for anyone with all the difficulties, discomfort and insecurity involved. Women, children, elderly people and men are out there, compelled to exchange their once sweet homes for the safety of refugee camps in their own land for no fault of theirs.

This is a cry out to all Humanity most especially fellow Nigerians across the world to help support the Borno people to recover from the devastation caused by the Boko Haram insurgency, help them rebuild their lives and community so they can live in safety, security, peace and prosperity once again.


1. CREATE AWARENESS: This cost us nothing and i strongly encourage that every Nigerian should take part in this as a form of solidarity to support our brothers and sisters. Share #empowerborno on all your social media platforms (take a photo of yourself carrying the #empowerborno placard) and tag @empowerborno. Share pictures of you, your friends, family and loved ones with #empowerborno and the unity fist on all your social media platforms and tag @empowerborno, or simply join the #SleepOut4Borno campaign, take a picture or record yourself sleeping outside for Borno leaving the comfort of your bed and share on all social media platform, then challenge 5 people to do the same. I will do mine and i challenge every Nigerian celebrity to do the same. Remember to share using #SleepOut4Borno #EmpowerBorno and tag @empowerborno 

2. GIVE RELIEF MATERIALS (Books, working equipments/tools, clothes, household items etc): We all have a huge pile of old clothes, tools, baby clothes/ toys and lots of other things lying in the stores of our homes, this is a good cause to give all these items. You can drop off this items at the collection zones or call the helpline (070 00 44 44 44) and an agent will be sent to you to pick up this items.


Please note that this campaign is legit and endorsed by the Borno State Government. To partner with this cause call 080 600 40 620 or email 

For more information visit: or follow empowerborno on Facebook, instargram and twitter 

They are one of us, they are part of us. 


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