Helen Prest Ajayi & daughter launch auction site, U-wantit.com

Former Miss Nigeria, Helen Prest Ajayi and her eldest daughter Tiffany-Annabelle have launched an online auction site, u-wantit.com where you can buy luxury items like iPhones, Laptops, Louboutins, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and much more for almost 90% off retail prices. Mrs Ajayi explains how the site works below...
I was getting ready to go to a party when I realized the bag I had planned on rocking (as my daughters would say) was missing! After serious interrogation of my daughters, I found the culprit to be my eldest daughter who was planning to rock it at university. In the moment I wanted to shout, but thought about it, really who doesn’t like nice things?  
Like my daughter Tiffany-Annabelle, people want designer things. But sometimes they don’t always have the means to get them when they want them. It’s really hard when you look at Reality TV and magazines and everybody seems to have it but you! Continue..
This is why Tiffany and I came up with the concept u-wantit.com to give everyone a chance to get brand new luxury items like Louis Vuitton, iPhones, Gucci, iPads and much much more for up to 90% off the original price!  

HOW IT WORKS:To get started, you will need to buy u-wantit credit. You can use your credit to either REVEAL THE PRICEor bid to be the LOWEST UNIQUE BID

REVEAL THE PRICE - Every time you click, the price goes down. The more people that click the lower the price goes. If you can afford the price you see when you click, go ahead and buy.

LOWEST UNIQUE BID - For this Auction you enter the lowest price that you want to pay (e.g. iPhone 5c for N2, 500/£10.00), if anyone enters the same price as you, it’s not unique. The person with the Lowest Unique Price wins and gets to buy the item at the winning price they enter.
At U-Wantit.com you pay “Last Price” for everything u-want. 

USP: Prices are Up to 90% off Retail prices
IDEAL MEMBER: Anyone who loves Designer things and wants AUTHENTIC DESIGNER Bags, Shoes and Latest Gadgets at Fantastically Low Prices. 

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