Queen Ubah wins Centenary pageant

Stunning model and video vixen Queen Ubah won the Centenary Pageant which held in Dec. 2013 in Bayelsa State. Queen will be a beauty queen for the rest of her life as her reign is for the next 100 years. She won a brand new car from the pageant organisers which they will change every 5 years for the rest of her life and she also got a scholarship to school anywhere in the world.

Talking about what has brought her far in life, Queen says it's her principles and values...
"As a model I vowed never to do anything that's against my religion, my principles and values. Even as a video model I stood my ground and never compromised into doing the wrong things. I guess it pays to be good. No one ever knows God's plans for them. He knows the end from the beginning and His plans for us is that of greatness."

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