Women are better managers - Dele Momodu

Dele Momodu
Bashorun Dele Momodu, a well celebrated publisher and founder of one of the most popular magazines in recent times, OVATION has attained heights that should be envied by all. The former Presidential aspirant attended a breakfast talk with young media entrepreneurs and students at the School of Media and Communication, Pan Atlantic University former Pan African University on Saturday, the 16th of November 2013.

His ability to capture all his life experiences on and off his career path within the time frame allotted showed his ability as a media practitioner to communicate effectively with the target audience. All that attended had different times of applause when he became passionate about his magazine and what he went through to make OVATION what it is today.

Kayode Odukoya (WEEC Coordinator)
Dele Momodu (Founder, Ovation International)

 Most importantly for WEEC and rightfully true, was his acknowledgement that women are better managers and that he looks forward to having a female president. Such an insight is second to none in a society that we have increasing violence against women, rape, child marriage, gender inequality, prostitution etc, the way forward is to increase the involvement of women in governance and the active participation of men in the women empowerment process. After all, the existence & oppression of men and the patriarchal society we live in is the reason why women suffer all they do. 

In Kayode Odukoya's quest to achieve one of the goals of WEEC (which is involving more men in the women empowerment process), he has seen that Bashorun Dele Momodu understands the worth of women in the grand scheme of things in a society and involvement of more women in governance is an important ingredient in developing the nation. We hope we can engage him in the near future - Kayode Odukoya PR Consultant. 

A beneficiary of Momodu's philanthropy, Kayode Adegoke, Dele Momodu & Israel Aanu

Dele Momodu and FT4 PAU Alumni

Media entrepreneurs & practitioners PAU Alumni 

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