Justice must always prevail against rape!

Court sentences 4 men to death for gang rape and murder of student

The four Indian men who attacked and raped a 23 year old student on a Delhi bus on December 16th 2012, have been sentenced to death by hanging. An Indian court ruled today Friday September 13th that the men deserved to die for the vicious attack which left the victim with such severe internal injuries she died two weeks later. 

The victim and her boyfriend had been returning from a movie date when they encountered the rapists inside one of India’s many private buses. The driver of the bus and four friends had taken the bus out into the night, looking for sex. Unfortunately the victim and her boyfriend got into the bus not knowing what would happen next. 

According to court documents, the men attacked the couple, beating them before taking the woman to the back of the bus and raping her one by one, then penetrating her body with iron rods. She died at a hospital in Singapore several days later. The bus driver, Ram Singh, committed suicide in his jail cell in March. The judge said in court today that they are hoping the sentence will serve as a ‘strong deterrent’ to others in a country where crimes against women, especially rape, is on the rise. 
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