WEEC man 2013: GT da Guitarman

GT da Guitarman
One of the pillars of the WEEC project is the involvement of men in the women empowerment process and GT da Guitarman has shown he has tremendous respect for women.The only reason why there is the need for women empowerment is the effect of the patriarchal society that we have in Nigeria and most part of the world. Women are relegated to the background by the heavy involvement of men in prominent position and in the atmosphere of leadership.

Due to a strong patriarchal hold, women have been on the receiving end of inequality and consequently, Nigeria has suffered. Statistics have revealed a lack of participation in governance by women. A staggering 92.7 percent the seats in the Nigerian senate are occupied by men. In the National House of Assembly, the figure is much higher – 93.9%.
More statistics reveal how women have not been included in public discourse. Of 26 Ministers, 20 are men, 93.6 % of Parliamentary seats, 94.5% of state house of assembly, 96.5% of permanent secretaries and 90.8% of Directorates have been occupied by men.
We carried out a survey and found out that most girls and young women don't even  aspire for greatness. They don't believe the society would not allow them to be what they want to be. One lady when asked confessed that all her life, women have always been deputies, vices, third and fourth in command and so on by implication she felt that men themselves hinder the success and progression of women.

Kayode,GT, Bolaji & Toye
WEEC has decided to raise a society of men to encourage women and support them in realising their dreams. The project coordinator Mr Kayode Odukoya, when asked why he is championing this cause being a man said "the future of a nation is built by the efforts of both men and women and no matter how hard the men work they can not achieve 100% without the women. If the women are not encouraged to maximise their potentials then the men have failed in their duty to develop the nation".

GT da Guitarman played a major role in making the event "WEECUnilag" a success and proved that he shares the vision of WEEC in his songs and his motivational speech.

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