Blessing Liman: First Female Military Pilot in West Africa

Blessing Liman

She was commissioned as a Combat Flying Officer alongside 126 others who finished  the Direct Short Service Course 2010/2011 Cadets of the 325 Ground Training Group at the Nigerian Air Force Base, Kaduna. 

Present at the winging ceremony (badge decoration) was the then Chief of Air Staff, Air Vice Marshal Mohammad Dikko Umar who described her training as a 'very laudable achievement'. 

She was quite excited and proud to have made history and said: "It is very uplifting and I feel very proud of myself though it has been very challenging. Coming from the civil war and the civil mentality, the Air Force has done a great job because it has changed our orientation. I believe that all females have equal opportunity to dignify their rights in whatever adventure they choose they can do." 
Blessing doing her thing

'As a first female pilot I would want to make a mark that would encourage other females to join the military because I believe that all females have equal opportunity to exercise their rights in whatever they choose to do, I believe that all female Nigerians who choose to become pilots can do it since I have done it. 

This is a remarkable achievement, one that should drive our ladies to know and see themselves as been able to achieve the 
impossible and break the so called glass ceiling in any sphere you find yourself.

Incredibly inspirational!!!

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