Treasure Obasi: A talent at 12

At 12, she already has several awards to her name and recently, she was the 2010 runners-up in the Indomie Heroes Award for her exceptional abilities in broadcasting. Treasure Obasi speaks with Ada Onyema on how it all started
For Treasure Obasi, the first day she saw herself facing a camera was the happiest day in her relatively young life. It marked a turning point in her life and made her childhood dream of becoming a broadcaster close to reality. The Lagos secondary school pupil, however, never thought that she would so soon hit the limelight in a short while. But her footprints are becoming noticeable at the school, the Nigerian Television Authority, British Airways, Nollywood and lately at the Indomie Awards.

In a gentle voice, she reminisces how her interest in broadcasting began. “It all started when I was in Nursery Two. I was watching the NTA and I saw the newscasters presenting the news. They were looking at the camera steadily without looking back at their copies and it really thrilled me,” she says.

“I just wished I could be one of them. When I was in primary school, each time we gathered on the assembly ground on Friday, I would present the news on the events of the previous week to my school mates.”

Her aspirations in life do not end with being a broadcaster. Little Treasure also wants to be a writer, an actress and one who would make a lot of difference in the life of other people. She hopes to write motivational books to assist people chart a path for their lives. She says, “Many people don’t know the right way to go anymore; they have been led astray by many bad friends and I will like to lead them right, God helping me, and be part of their success story.”

The 12-year-old is not new to writing anyway. Her writing skill has already won her the top prize in the British Airways Essay Competition among secondary school students. She also won the Best Reader Award for her school as a newscaster.

Little Treasure is already a star on Young Inventors, a programme she presents on the network service of the NTA. At the auditioning for the programme, she emerged the best, despite the presence of undergraduates among those who attended the exercise. For emerging the runners-up in the 2010 Indomie Award, she went home with a princely sum of N750,000. This is after setting her acting career in motion by featuring in Save the tears for tomorrow and other movies.

The first of two children, little Treasure lost her father at 11, but still keeps fond memories of the late man. “I feel sad. I knew what happened because I was not a little child anymore. The way he took us out to places of our choice brings back very fond memories of him,” she recalls
She derives inspiration from people and things around her. She says, “A majority of my stories come from my mum, my brother and I. I also get inspiration from things that happen around my environment, books, movies, everyday happenings.

“I just love talking to people. I feel lifted doing what I’m doing. If fame and money come, fine. They are also part of what I gain, but the fact that I‘m inspiring people positively matters a lot to me.”

She does not feel her achievements and awards so far are coming to pass by a stroke of luck. “No, you have to work for it. Being an actress, a broadcaster and a writer has cost me sleepless nights. In the movies, I have to get my scripts in my head within the time limit and that cost me, my brother and mum sleepless nights; not only did we not sleep, we also had headaches and a lot to worry about. But with God on our side, we made it and I thank God for that. My experience has been thrilling all the way but hardly can I stand my family and friends cry.”

In the next 10 years, the little Treasure of today hopes to be a graduate and much more. “With more jobs coming, I hope to be a renowned actress, broadcaster and a writer,” she says. For those who have not seen their dreams come true, she has some words. “Your time is coming;, don’t give up. Pursue your dream and wait on the Lord; it must surely come true,” she adds.  Don’t you agree?

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