Genevieve's Adoring Fan

Culled from Linda Ikeji's blog

I am sure we all have idols. Men and women who look up to us, who inspire us, and who if we do get to meet them in person, we will be at first stunned; overwhelmed at the emotions that would course through our bodies and then excited. In our excitement, different things can happen. Some people will squeal, some would ask questions from such role models, while others would insist on taking pictures with said role models.

Case in point being the young man who met the popular actress Genevieve Nnaji at the  movie premier of her latest release, Unguarded. His joy and excitement were obvious in the hugs and tears that were exchanged. Genevieve, being her cool, beautiful self, indulged in the request of her fan and snapped some pictures with him. She obviously made his day.

I also have had role models that have guided me along the path I currently am on. One of them being the novelist Lola Shoneyin. I had the privilege of being at a book reading she held at the Faulty of Arts at the University of Ibadan, two years ago and it was quite an experience.
Hearing her talk about her experiences and how she had to rise above what others thought, in her quest to bring out the best in her books was life changing for me. It was a moment that would forever remain etched in my mind.

Obviously, Genevieve has had the same impact on the young man who was present at the premier. A look at the photos below confirm that:
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So, what have you done in the presence of your mentors or idols? Does anyone have any stories to tell?

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