Victim of horrific Indian gang rape dies in Singapore hospital

Indian police today sealed off parts off New Delhi and appealed for calm after the death of a woman gang-raped on a bus in the city. The woman was flown to Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore for treatment 10 days after she was brutally attacked by six men who inserted an iron rod into her body on December 16. In response to the attack, the Indian government has promised to publicise photos, names and addresses of convicted rapists following days of widespread protests.

The body of the rape victim being moved into a funeral home
The 23-year-old student's body is being flown home after she 'passed away peacefully' in a Singapore hospital where she had been taken for specialist treatment.

She suffered multiple organ failure and a heart attack following the brutal assault on December 16 which has triggered violent public protests.

Her horrific ordeal has galvanised Indians to demand greater protection for women from sexual violence with mass demonstrations, candle-lit vigils and street protests with placards, chants and road blocks. One policeman has died in the protests.
Gatherings of more than five people have been banned in the city centre.

A few hundred protesters arrived this morning at the Jantar Mantar observatory, one of the areas of the city where demonstrations are allowed, the BBC reported.

The victim's family and officials from the Indian High Commission were at her bedside when she lost her 13-day fight for life.

Culled from Daily Mail
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  1. Men can be so brutal sometimes. May he soul rest in peace