PAU/SMC: Oluwatosin Oladipo "Best Graduating Student"

Oluwatosin Oladipo
Dean, School of Media & Communication and Oluwatosin Oladipo

Oluwatosin Oladipo is a beautiful young lady and an example of (Beauty WITH Brains). She is the fifth child in a family of six, four girls and two boys. She graduated from the University of Ibadan at the Department of Communication and Language Arts with second class upper division. She also holds a masters in Marketing Communication from the prestigious School of Media and Communication, Pan African University. 


She graduated with distinction at the School of Media and Communication and was given an award as the best graduating student. (Full-time class) She is highly motivated, fun loving and a strong believer in the absence of "impossibilities" She had a fair share of challenges growing up and at some point thought the future had nothing good for her. Today, she has learnt that obstacles are for humans and nothing can stop anyone from achieving what he/she desires in so far as the motives are right. She is a true inspiration to many and an example that gender has nothing to do with achievements. In a class of 20 females and 18 males, she emerged the best. 

Good luck Tosin!!!!
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  1. Good one Tosin, fly higher...thanks for making women proud..xx

  2. Really beauty with brains. Excellence has nothing to do with gender. This is a living proof. Good luck!

  3. Beauty with Brains and lots more , congrats Tosin