Rumour of the day

Janet Jackson

Long after the late Micheal Jackson passed on, the rest of the family has been in the eye of the public. Janet Jackson is the late pop star's little sister and is a star in her own regard. She was in a relationship with Jermaine Dupri, a popular American rapper, musician, song writer and producer. Stories have it that they broke up because  Jermaine Dupri popular know as JD got a stripper pregnant so Janet moved on.

The picture above shows that she has been spotted all covered up. Well, she's dating a billionaire Muslim man, Wissam al Mana, the MD of luxury corporate group Al Mana Retail in the Middle East.

They say she might be willing to become a muslim to be with the billionaire. So does this mean that the billionaire has been watching jealously from a distance all the while Janet was living the life of a true pop star? Hmmmmmmm! The wait has paid off.  lolll

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  1. lol, the chic is old na, the billionaire wants to marry Americaner. he he

  2. is it money or real love?