Celebrating Kofya Brown as she exits GUS 9

The true champions are the ones that make an effort or attempt. Kofya Brown, the 25 year old Computer Science undergraduate, became the first contender to be evicted from Gulder Ultimate Search 9. She failed the first test of Christopher Okagbue, one of the three Gulder Ultimate Search 9 Gatekeepers, thus ending her quest in search of the Gatekeeper’s fortune. She is an inspiration to young ladies and young mothers, there are no barriers to what you want to achieve in life just try and experience life.

She has a 7 year old daughter, named Jessica, whom she described as her best friend. She said one of the reasons she entered for Gulder Ultimate Search 9 was so she could use the prize money to take care of Jessica.


During her interview, a tearful Kofya had a few words for her 7 year old daughter: “And to Jessica, don’t mind my tears, mummy loves you. Just know that even if I’m out here, I’ll still continue to do my best to give you what you deserve in life, okay?”

Even though Kofya was the first contender evicted, she’ll smile to the bank with N1 million

For more exciting episodes of Gulder Ultimate Search 9, The Gatekeeper’s Fortune, stay tuned to the following stations: AIT and African Magic World (DSTV) and Real Star (Star Times) at 10pm.
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