Ms Josephine Washaima speaks on job creation

Ms Josephine Washima
Ms Josephine Washima is President Jonathan's Special Adviser on job creation. Ms Washima, recently at a news conference in Abuja, promised to create at least 5, 000 jobs for people who are qualified. What she said below...

Last week someone called me and was offering me 5, 000 job vacancies. We are going to have a website where people can upload their CVs. I don’t need to know you; I don’t need to know your face. Just go there, if you qualify for that job, apply for it and be sure that you will be called up for an interview.
 We are not bringing anything new. We are not trying to do something that has never been done before. But we are going to build on existing structure and strengthen the labour laws of this country in such a way that we will do away with bottle-necks.
We don’t need anybody asking any Nigerians for a note to get a job from anybody. We will work closely with the National Bureau of Statistics to get appropriate data of unemployed Nigerians.

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