Facts about TeamUSA. Women made history

4x400 relay team
Record breaking 4x100 relay  team

Do you know that females of the U.S. accounted for 27 of the team's 46 gold medals and 58 of its 104 total medals. Where would the U.S. be without them?
It was a historic Olympics in that every national team included at least one woman as Brunei, Qatar and Saudi Arabia brought women to the Games for the first time. But among countries that won double-digit gold medals, the United States and China were the only ones whose women won more medals than their men. Interesting piece, read on!!!

In the TeamUSA, there was a higher ratio of women to men which is quite impressive. Looking back at the 1972 Games in Munich, women were responsible for 24 percent of the U.S. medal haul, compared to 56 percent this year.

Veteran track stars Allyson Felix and Sanya Richards-Ross outshined every U.S. male - and most men, period. Jamaica's Usain Bolts matched Felix for the track lead with three gold medals, with Richards–Ross and Mo Farah of Great Britain finishing next on the list with two golds

Serena Williams dominated tennis, winning the gold medal in singles and combining with her sister Venus to win the doubles title again.
Williams sisters
No U.S. player made it past the quarterfinals in men's singles. Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh mastered beach volleyball again, beating April Ross and Jennifer Kessy in an all-USA final, and as was the case in tennis, no U.S. men's entry advanced past the quarterfinals.U.S. women's soccer won the gold. The men didn't even qualify for the Olympics.
Shields in red
Women's gymnastics won gold. The men collapsed after leading the qualifying round and finished fifth. The women's water polo team won its first gold. The men finished in eighth place.

For the U.S., the 2012 Olympics was a two-week run of ladies nights.
Kayla Harrison
"It feels amazing to be a part of something that is so much bigger than myself," said Kayla Harrison 22, the first American to win a gold medal in judo. "I definitely feel connected (to other women on the U.S. team). To be able to say that I am a strong, confident woman and Olympic champion is amazing, and I hope that we have a million little girls that are inspired right now."
Dabby Douglas

Baron Pierre de Coubertin who came up with the idea for a modern Olympics, would be shocked to see the nearly 5,000 women at the Games of 2012. He wanted to exclude women from the competition; thus, no females competed in the 1896 revival.
Sanya Richards-Ross

Fifty-two years later, the last time London hosted the Games (1948), there were more than 3,900 men at the Games compared to just over 400 women. And at the time, women didn't run any distance longer than 200 meters because of the belief they weren't physically capable.
Yes, times have changed.

 "I don't know why some people think women can't be as good at sports as men," Shields said. "Look at all the great things women can do when given an opportunity.
"It's silly that a man would think just because I am a woman that I can't do something. Put them in the ring with me, and I'll show him. A lot of women can show them."

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  1. Very impressive performance by the female team. Couldn't have imagined that the women wouldn't have achieved and done better than the men