Don't Fret when this occurs!

A child would swallow almost anything as long as it is small enough to be put in the mouth. Adults or grown up sometimes mistakenly swallow pins nails, rings, if it's large enough to find its way through the esophagus and into the stomach. It should usually pass through the bowel without any issues, provided it has no sharp edges.

Any emergency of this sort should be reported to a doctor. He will probably x-ray the stomach in other to follow the object through the bowel. If there is any bleeding further treatment will be needed.

Epileptic Fits or Convulsions are the result of a sudden discharge of nerve impulses involving large areas of the body. It may not occur very often but in some cases it comes frequently.
The beginning of seizure starts with the person falling down and loosing consciousness for a few seconds. The victim turns pale and a strong jerking of muscle movement is followed, there may also be frothing at the mouth. The tongue may also be bitten unless the organ is protected. As soon as the seizure is over, the person relaxes and begins to breathe like nothing happened.

In this situation, do not fret keep calm, try to prevent the victim from inflicting himself or herself with any injury, lay the victim on his back, loosen any tight clothing, place a small piece of wood between the teeth, cover it with cotton wool if there is any around at that
time. Keep the victim warm and notify a doctor.

Fainting spells, this is very common. When a person faints there is a temporary lack of strength, the muscles become suddenly weak and the victim is unable to stand upright. The person may feel a sensation of giddiness like the floor was moving. If he or she feels this way, he should lie down as quick as possible so as not to loose consciousness.
Most fainting spells are caused by insufficient supply of blood to the brain due to hunger, fatigue, anxiety or some emotional shock such as hearing a bad news. Another cause is a close confinement in a over heated room. Fainting may also arise from internal bleeding or severe pain, the cause may be unknown.

The moment you notice someone about to faint, have him bend over with his head between his knees. If there is no improvement, he should lie flat on his back with his head a little lower than his body. This will bring more blood back to the heart. The attack lasts for a few minutes, if prolonged, keep the person warm and consult a doctor.

You really can do more than be a part of large crowd watching someone have a seizure or panting up down when an emergency happens...
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