The Most Influential Woman in the World

The most influential woman in the world as rated by Forbes is Angela Merkel, the recent Chancellor of Germany. Hilary Clinton, the Secretary General of the United States comes in second position, Dilma Rousseff, the President of Brazil is third while India Nooyi, the Chief Executive of Pepsi is in fourth position and the fifth, Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of FaceBook Social Media.

Angela Merkel was born 17th July, 1954 into the family of Hoist Kesner. Her father was a pastor while her mother a teacher, she was named Angela Dorothea Kesner. Her growing up was in the rural area of Berlin, Germany.
From 1978-1990, she studied physics in the University of Leipzeg and also worked as a Chemist at the Central Institute of Chemistry, she obtained
a doctorate degree.

Politics began when she joined the Christian Democratic Union(CDU), a German political party in 1990. In a short while she was appointed to Helmut Kohi's cabinet, the Chancellor of Germany at that time as the Minister of Women and youth, she held this post from 1990-1994 and from 1994-1998, the Minister of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Security. Helmut Kohi was defeated in 1998 general elections and Angela Merkel was named Secretary General of the Christian Democratic Union(CDU). She became the Chair person of the party two years later. She contested for Chancellor of Germany in 2002 but was defeated, in 2005 she contested again and won even though it was a narrow win.
Angela Merkel was declared the first female Chancellor of Germany, she is also the first woman to lead Germany since it became a modern nation in 1871. In 2007, she was the President of the European Council and also Chair person of G8.
She plays a crucial role in managing crisis in both the european and international level and has been referred to as , "the decider".
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