Miss World 2012 pageant

Beauty comes in two forms, internal and external. Most people recognize the external (physical) over the internal (attributes that make the person as a whole). There are so many women that have internalized beauty through their creativity minds, ability to achieve success, impact on the lives of those around them etc. To us this is true beauty!!!

As these young talented ladies are coming out to participate, it is not a competition to see the best but to show the whole of Africa and the world that there are beautiful young ladies around us who have the potentials to be great.

Every woman is a winner in our homes, offices and society and deserve to be respected, treat them as such.

View the blog link below for more information about the event, The owner of the blog is a very beautiful lady that fits our description of a woman beautiful internal and external.

Click to meet The African Contestants For Miss World 2012 Peagant

To view ALL the Contestants, Follow the link below.

Click to meet ALL the Contestants For Miss World 2012 Peagant
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