On Goldie's eviction: Sad reaction by Nigerians

It is no more news that the last surviving Nigerian in the Big brother stargame has been evicted. She had been having an affair with a so called Prezzo and being third party viewers Nigerians were opportuned to see the moves, comments and selfish attitude to the Prezzo guy. Goldie fell victim to Prezzo in the house and was emotionally engulfed in the relationship that made her look stupid and vulnerable.

 Our stand remains that, whenever a Nigerian represents us in sports,movies,reality shows etc,

we own them our hundred percent support no matter what the circumstances are. Twitter was flooded with condemnations and insults from Goldie's own country before and after the eviction which was not even the case for DKB the Ghanian who beat up a lady and was evicted or Zainab who was always vulgar, rotten in her speech and ended up being so violent, from their own countries.

Many girls suffer what Goldie suffered in the house but she unfortunately got in the mix on national TV, she doesn't deserve all this that she is getting from her own country, make fun and jest but let it end there. If she really fell in love with that ugly guy, its not a crime really, so Nigerians, please support your own through out when they represent you.

Strengthening the female voice
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