Lunch Break: Ofe Owerri, quick tips

Ofe owerri

 Ofe Owerri , which is usually prepared with two different vegetables namely Uziza,Ugu and Ukazi, is a favourite of the Igbos from Imo State, South-eastern Nigeria.
This is a highly nutritious vegetable soup usually flavoured with aromaticUha leaves. An average owerri man is an ardent lover of this vegetable soup which literarily means Owerri soup.
The soup is one out of many soups eaten by the Igbos. Uziza helps a lot to prevent allergy and running nose. Those who do not eat hot spices can benefit a lot from the use of Uziza to prevent or cure their running nose
Cooking it is quite easy, read one!

Assorted meats (Your choice) (precooked)
Snails(optional) (precooked)
stock fish and smoked fish
¼ cup grounded crayfish
A pinch dried chili
2Tspns Achi
½ cup Uziza leaves (fresh or dried)
¼ cup cocoyam boiled and pounded
¼ cup palm oil
Maggi and salt to taste

Combine the meat, fish , snail and smoked fish in a pot. Add 2 cups of water. Set on medium heat
Add the maggi, salt , chilli and crayfish. Simmer for 15mins.
Add in the pounded cocoyam. Cook for another 3 mins.
Adjust the water at this point if need be.
Add in the achi and uziza leaves. Cover for another 5 mins.
Add in the palm oil, tatse for seasoning.
Cook for about 3 mins more
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