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My love for Prezzo was not a strategy to win' - Goldie opens up

The singer opened up at a press conference that held this afternoon at Protea Hotel, Ikeja. My paparazzi was there to capture some it all :-).

When asked if her 'love' for Prezzo was real or a strategy to win, the singer replied:
It wasn't a strategy to win. I saw Prezzo as a calm, very intelligent and easy going person. Viewers have the option of seeing about 50 cameras at a time but I have just two eyes and two ears and only believe in what I saw. You had the opportunity of knowing him more than I did.
On how she felt when she realized that Prezzo had nominated her for eviction/ played her. Her answer when you continue...

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She said, "I didn't know much or watched Big Brother very much before I got there due to my busy schedule as an Artiste. So, I never suspected that Prezzo played me because he cared for me in the House and when I say you are my friend, I will trust you wholeheartedly. But when I came out of the House and realised that he had played me, I was a bit sad. Knowing that he was in the house to play a game, I became relaxed".

On why she cried during her eviction on Sunday:
"That is who I am. That was how I was brought up. I am a very emotional person. But I cried mostly because of the betrayal that I felt from Prezzo! He was the last person that I thought could betray me. He was always giving me hope. cheering me up as one of West African representative. He showed solidarity to the course of the Region. I thought he was my friend! So, I was emotional when I realized he played me"

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