FLOOD: A woman pays to be carried across the flood

It is no more news that some areas in Lagos have become rivers and rafts,canoes etc are the preferred mode of transportation as cars, buses etc have become irrelevant. In the absence of these, people offer themselves as beasts of burden for other people as they carry total strangers across these flood areas.

Surprisingly, this has become a temporary source of income for the area boys as they probably have a human park (not car park) lol!!! for you to board. Very funny but true. A man would rather carry his okada on his head than left it spoil in the flood. Reminds me about the Obey's song of the donkey. Laughs!!!

Take a look at these pictures!!!!

People being carried by other people

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  1. This is unbelievable...where are we headed in this country?. Truly, the world is coming to an end.