#Fashion: Glittering Leggings

Shinny and bold colored leggings are hot this season, they should be found in every fashionistas wardrobe. Its a fun wear for all occasions, you could dress it down and just be the girl next door, or dress it up and be simply divalicious. Although not every woman can pull the look and if you don't get it right you could look cheap and tacky.

Shinny leggings speak boldness, there's no room for timidity when wearing such vivalicious clothing. They are extra snug and are designed to fit like a glove. They hug every inch of your
hips and legs and conceal nothing so its very important you are comfortable while wearing it.
How to wear shinny leggings

* The leggings are already shinny, a cool top with no glitters would be the the best blend to avoid looking like a magician.
* The pants are already clingy, a draped tank top, a long top and a jacket would work the outfit perfectly and give you the chic look you desire.
* A tunic top with a skinny belt clinched on your waist. This streamlines the entire look giving you a polished look.
* Heels can not be over emphasized, heels on shinny legging are just so hot.
* Throw on your long necklace to embellish the look.
 This way your shinny leggings brings out the diva in you. 

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  1. hope its not chauvinist to say ''just how i luv my babe 2look''. Gud post ejiro, keep it up.