Violence against women: Student stabs friend

Chioma Onyeagwe

Hope Amadi

Chioma Onyeagwe and Hope Amadi are both students of the school and they had a fight over a shirt, and one of them nearly lost her life. Read the full story.........

.Many people say the success of women in a society is undermined by the jealousy and envy of other women not necessarily men. There are many scenarios when violence amongst women has had terrible consequences if we must stop men from acts of violence against women, we must stop it amongst women.Young lady and children are the future leaders and should not harbour thoughts of violence in their minds.   Igbinedion Univeristy, Okada, Edo State is one of the popular private Universities in Nigeria, supposedly meant to have children of citizens in the high class of the society but amongst them are some violent students. .
According to reports, Hope Amadi borrowed Chioma's cloth and refused to return it for many days. When Chioma asked for her cloth back on Tuesday June 5th, Hope allegedly became extremely aggressive and the two girls got into serious argument. Then a fight ensued. Witnesses say Hope Amadi picked up scissors from their room and stabbed Chioma seven times on the neck, arm and other places. Chioma was rushed to the Igbinedion University Teaching Hospital, where doctors reported that Chioma was stabbed on her artery, and that if she hadn't been rushed to the hospital when she was she would have died.

Hope Amadi has been suspended from school.

Source: Linda Ikeji
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