Dana Airlines : why?#danaaircrash

Darkness befell the nation on Sunday, the 3rd of June 2012 when a plane crashed into a suburb area of Lagos state, Nigeria. Identified as Dana airlines Flight 9J-992 with Registration Number 5N-RAM, the plane was carrying 146 passengers with 1 Dana Air Flight Engineer, 2 Pilots and 4 Cabin Crew. The journey started from Abuja destined for Lagos but ended in one of the worse crashes ever recorded in the history of Nigeria. The Dana aircraft crashed into a residential two-storey building on Toyin Street in Popoola, New Oko-Oba/Ijaiye, popularly known as Iju-Ishaga neighbourhood of Lagos State killing all the passengers on board with a yet to be ascertained number of residents in the building and the area.

The cabin crew on duty in the ill fated craft
Many stories have emerged; some questioning the maintenance of the aircraft, some condemning the regulatory capabilities of NCAA and FAAN but these would not bring the lives of our dearly beloved back. Nothing in Nigeria works and day by day lives of innocent people are lost. It took us a while to come to terms with this tragedy as most of us were affected directly, hence this late report.

Last boarding of the crew members

Our major concern is the disregard for human lives in the attitude to maintenance of the aircrafts in the aviation industry, the insecurity in the nation, lack of immediate emergency responses in the health and humanitarian sector of the country, the lackadaisical attitude of our government to issues that concern the lives of the citizenry.

Maimuna Ayene and kids

The nation has lost many men, women, youths and children to negligence, greed and improper control of the public sector. The hopes of the dead have been dashed and the expectations of their family members have been exchanged with sorrow after which the gaps created can never be filled.

Kunbi Adebiyi

We hear that the Government declared 3 days of mourning and Dana airlines, the owners of the ill fated aircraft have had their license revoked while investigation is about to commence. They have claimed that the aircraft was in perfect condition contrary to speculations that have flooded the media.

Prince Aderoju Osunbade

With our hearts heavy and our disappointment in the untimely and avoidable deaths of our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, friends, cousins and fellow citizens of Nigeria, we say may the souls of the 153 and others that died during the last one week, rest in perfect peace. Amen
May God give their families the fortitude to bear the loss. Amen

All pictures in this article are some of the pictures of dead from the unfortunate incidence.

A whole family

Alvana Ojukwu
Dunni Doherty
Levi Ajuonoma

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  1. It is so unfortunate that the Government of Nigeria toils with the life of its citizens. They don't take the precautions that they are to take when it concerns us.

    Now the nation weeps and mourns these people for the negligence of the Government and its agencies. Dana air should have been properly regulated and their operations well monitored. Really sad!!!!