Nkwobi: Quick cooking tips


Nkwobi:not only for drinkers
Nkwobi is popular amongst beer drinkers but is also is also a delicacy  from the Eastern part of Nigeria, It is a cow-leg delicacy.

It is easy to prepare and can be taken with so other kinds of foods. Click the link below for tips on how to prepare it.

Cow leg(cut to small/medium pieces), potash, ehuru/efuru, ugba, utazi, uziza, bitter leaf, potash, palmoil, peppersoup spice, fresh or dry pepper, crayfish, onions,salt to taste.‎​
Step one
Boil d cow leg in a pot of water till its soft n tender, while its boiling.

Step two
Grind your crayfish, efuru(its a seed, so use abt 4 or 5) fresh pepper. Set dat aside. Then depending on d quantity of your nkwobi dissolve some potash/akanwu(abt 2 spoons) in 4spoons of water. If its difficult to dissolve, blend crayfish, pepper n ehuru mixture, together with your dissolved potash and mix. 

Step three 
Then take your bottle of palm oil n start pouring slowly until you achieve d desired thickness in d paste. Then add your salt, maggi, peppersoup spices to the paste.

Step four
When your meat is done boiling, pour out all d water, then pour your paste in n mix. Decorate with green vegetable or bitter leaf and onions. Now it’s ready to serve.
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  1. Hmmm...Dis is gud...guess I'll be very busy dis coming hols...thanks so much WEEC.Keep it up.

  2. WEEC we ladies need more of this cooking tips. Its a reference point. Thanks and keep up the good work.